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Rental System

Our staff will explain the rental process — from reservations, to arriving at our shop,
kimono fitting, sightseeing, and rental return — and information regarding cancellations,
and more, so first-time users of can use our service with peace of mind.


We can sometimes offer same-day appointments depending on availability, but our services are generally offered through reservations made in reservation form.Please make your reservation by phone or by using our online reservation form.When selecting your kimono/yukata based on your plan and paying by credit card when making your reservation online, you can enjoy a hassle-free visit to the shop on the day of your kimono fitting.


Please come to the location where you have a reservation.If by any chance you are not sure how to go there, please feel free to call us.Also, we ask that you arrive somewhat prior to your reservation time.Please bring a form of ID (passport, credit card, etc.) to confirm your identity — there is nothing else in particular you are required to bring, otherwise.


After checking in at the reception, your kimono fitting will begin right away in our fitting area.Our staff will quickly perform your fitting, from the kimono undergarments all the way to the obi (sash).One kimono fitting takes about 20 minutes per person.


We will style your hair upon finishing your kimono fitting.We offer free courses, as well as courses with braided styles and other styles that complement your kimono look for an additional charge.Since this is such a rare opportunity to wear a kimono, we highly recommend opting for one of our hairstyling courses.


At the end of your kimono fitting, you'll receive a matching cloth pouch for carrying your necessary belongings.Since we cannot store your valuables for you, we ask that you keep them in your cloth pouch to carry them with you.We also provide large basket handbags for rental at an additional charge.




Once you are ready, please enjoy sightseeing and dining in Asakusa.Asakusa has many sightseeing spots to offer.Feel free to ask our staff about recommended sightseeing routes, or anything else!


We kindly request that you return your kimono 30 minutes before closing at the latest.Our shops' last return times are as follows:
Customers returning their kimono will change in the dressing room.If you are unable to return your kimono within our business hours, please return it the following day.We also offer extension options for next-day returns.For next-day returns, we kindly ask that customers bring their kimonos by noon.In the case that kimonos are returned past noon, we will receive payment for an extra charge for overdue returns. Thank you for your understanding in advance.